Key projects

Post doctoral research proposal

I copy-edited a research proposal to NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) in October 2014 for a Research Fellow in Glaciology at Swansea University.

Word count 10,000 | Time taken 1 day

Art gallery: exhibition guide and essay

I copy-edited an introductory essay on climate change by Dr Mary Gagen at Swansea University for the Ephemeral Coast exhibition.

Word count 5,000 | Time taken 1 day

Academic monograph on Commedia dell’Arte

I copy-edited an academic monograph by Dr Peter Jordan on the Venetian roots of the Commedia dell’Arte movement in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It was published by Routledge (imprint of Taylor & Francis) in December 2013. As well as the routine copy-editing checks, I also advised on the translation of key terms and quotations from Italian – often in an archaic and dialectal form – and explicated certain culture-specific references. I looked at the logical ordering of ideas at the levels of paragraph, section and chapter and verified bibliographical sources and cross-referencing. Amazon listing:

Word count 110,000 | Time taken 3 weeks

Food packaging texts

I edited a set of food packaging labels for a range of Chinese BBQ sauces. This included ingredient lists, disclaimers, and recipe excerpts. The text had to be simplified, as it was also going to be translated into a further 14 languages. It was written by a native Chinese speaker, and was difficult to understand at points.

Word count 1,000 | Time taken 1 hour

Medical research paper

I edited a research paper in English on Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), written by a native Italian speaker. The text was difficult to understand at points, since it was terminology-heavy and constricted by a word count.

Word count 3,000 | Time taken 1 day

Academic monograph on Educational leadership and Michel Foucault

gilliesI copy-edited a very interesting book by Dr. Donald Gillies on the philosophical aspects of leadership, for publication by Routledge in 2013. As well general copy-editing checks, I looked at the logical ordering of ideas at the levels of paragraph, section and chapter and verified bibliographical sources and cross-referencing.

Amazon listing:

Word count 62,000 | Time taken 3 weeks

DPhil thesis on social movements

I copy-edited a DPhil thesis on social movements, in the field of International Relations for a student at Oxford University. The project includes proofreading activities (spelling, grammar, punctuation), terminology research and verification, fact checking, and re-structuring into the appropriate heading hierarchy. I am also providing a full citation formatting service.

Word count 96,000 | Time taken 6 weeks

Clinical trial documentation

I translated several contracts and forms for a clinical trial, from Italian into English. The service included translation of some specialist medical and legal language, and verification of terminology. Translation was carried out in SDL Trados.

Word count 9,000 | Time taken 4 days

Proofreading of biomedical patent application

This was a large project spanning over the last six months, finalised in November 2013 (at last!). The client, a Life Sciences professor, was a non-native English speaker and consequently the text was extremely jargon-heavy with serious grammatical errors. The project required a lot of communication in order to elucidate the intended meaning of the text, and ensure that my corrections did not change the meaning in any way. Charts and tables were corrected, and the standard format for all forms of measurement were applied consistently throughout the text.

Word count 78,500 | Time taken Part-time over 6 months

Press releases

I proofread a set of press releases for a new client – a London-based think tank focused on social and political change. The topic was related to Kurdish and Afghan relations, and so there were some names of people and areas that needed to be verified. I corrected SGP (spelling, grammar and punctuation), and adapted sentence structure to increase readability and adhere to website conventions and search engine optimisation (SEO) needs.

Word count total: 10,000 | Time taken 1 day

DPhil thesis on nuclear governance

I copy-edited the student’s entire D.Phil (PhD) thesis on international nuclear governance for submission to the University of Oxford. English was their second language, and so much of the work involved correction of grammatical structures and a raising of the register to comply with academic English writing conventions. The project required meticulous cross-checking of dates, names of people and organisations, and some localisation into British English, especially with regard to spelling conventions. Some re-writing, summarising and shortening was also carried out, so as to keep within the word limit.

Word count 92,000 | Time taken 6 weeks

Post-doc research proposal

I copy-edited several versions of an academic research proposal for a post-doctoral researcher, on the topic of nuclear governance within international relations. In addition to essential spelling, grammar and punctuation checks, it was also necessary to review the heading hierarchy, and the logical ordering of content to adhere to guidelines. MS Word came in very handy in this ongoing project, since I was able to compare versions to highlight which sections had undergone changes.

Word count 5,000 | Time taken 1 day

Marketing report

The translation of a report based on the activity of my client’s marketing department, including budgets, customer feedback monitoring, campaign timelines, and an overview of marketing of key product lines. As the lead translator into English (from the Italian source text), I also project-managed a freelance proofreader and marketing terminology specialist. Parts of the report were translated in Trados.

Word count 8,000 | Time taken 5 days

Business plan

I translated a business plan (from Italian into English) on confectionery manufacturing for a recent graduate who was seeking seed funding from a range of sources. The client also asked me to simplify some of the language during the translation process, as the text was very jargon heavy and we both felt that it needed to be tailored to a non-specialist audience. I prepared a glossary of key terminology as an appendix to the business plan, and also provided numerous footnotes for cross-cultural references. Since I had primary responsibility to create the final document for print, I also liaised with an accountant in the UK who was reformatting their financial projections for UK venture capitalists.

Word count 6,500 | Time taken 4 days

LL.M thesis

I proofread the student’s LL.M thesis on changes in maritime law in Somalia and connected regions. Written English proficiency was quite low, and thus much time was taken to understand the intended message and enable the student to communicate this more effectively. By working together, not only were issues such as spelling and grammar resolved, but the end result was succinct, logical, and in plain English. I also finalised the bibliography, list of tables and figures, and a list of acronyms used in the text.

Word count 20,000 | Time taken 6 days

DPhil thesis on CSR in Africa

I proofread the student’s entire DPhil (PhD) thesis on corporate social responsibility (CSR) of multinational companies working in Central Africa. English was their second language, and so much of the work involved correction of grammatical structures and a raising of the register to comply with academic English writing conventions. I also double-checked all references, compiled a short index, and verified statistical calculations in attached spreadsheets.

Word count 20,000 | Time taken 6 days